A. Newspaper Publication (Maybe). If your LLC’s statutory agent’s address is not in Maricopa County or Pima County the LLC must publish a Notice of Publication in an Arizona Corporation Commission approved newspaper in the county in which the statutory agent is located.

B. Employer ID Number. Get an Employer ID Number for the LLC from the IRS. The LLC needs its own EIN. It’s easy to get using the IRS’ online wizard.

C. Open a Bank Account. The LLC needs its own bank account. To open a bank account a member or manager of the LLC must go to a bank with ID and give the banker a copy of the approved Articles of Organization and the LLC’s employer ID number.

D. Set Up the Books. You must create a bookkeeping system for the LLC’s financial records. We recommend QuickBooks. Most accountants can set up the books for you. Our bookkeeper is CPA for Hire, P.C. We use its online QuickBooks service. Call Joy Jaske, CPA, at 480-437-9022 or email her at [email protected]

E. Sign an Operating Agreement. Although an Operating Agreement is not required by Arizona LLC law, we recommend that all LLCs have a properly worded Operating Agreement signed by all of the members. The Operating Agreement signed by the sole member of a single member LLC shows a court that the member is treating the LLC like a business rather than a hobby. Multi-member LLCs that do not have a good Operating Agreement signed by all of the members are asking for big trouble. Without an Operating Agreement members of a multi-member LLC do not have anything in writing that says what percentage of the LLC they own.

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