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Complete this short LLC formation questionnaire to hire Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son Richard C. Keyt to form an Arizona LLC or PLLC.  Richard (the father) formed Arizona’s first LLC the day Arizona’s LLC law became effect October of 1992.  The Keyts have created 8,600+ Arizona LLCs.  People love their LLC formation services and low prices, which is why KEYTLaw, LLC has 184 five star Google reviews and a total of 296 five star online reviews.

See the contents of our non-IRA LLC packages or the contents of our IRA LLC package for an LLC owned by the custodian of an IRA account. The IRA LLC is for people who want to use their IRA funds to buy non-traditional assets such as real estate.

Our LLC packages and prices are:

  • $397 Bronze: bare essentials. Most people who buy this package previously purchased a Silver or Gold package.
  • $597 Silver: our most popular package.  Silver services: (i) we get the LLC’s employer ID number from the IRS, (ii) give you access to our 170 page LLC Operations Manual, (iii) send you 49 email alerts that remind you to accomplish certain tasks and that give you information about post formation issues, and (iv) mail you a three ring binder that contains all of you LLC documents organized behind tabs.
  • $997 Gold: the confidential LLC. Our Gold LLC package includes all the services of our Silver LLC package plus a revocable living trust that owns the LLC.  Because the trust owns the LLC your name and address will not be on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Your trust can own any of your assets such as your home or bank account and the LLC and other assets in the trust will pass automatically on your death (or the death of you and your spouse if you are married) to the person or people you name in your trust agreement without the need for a time-consuming and expensive Superior Court probate proceeding. Learn the two reasons to purchase a Confidential Trust.

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