If you buy our Silver or Gold LLC formation package we will file your new company’s FinCEN Beneficial Owner report required by the Corporate Transparency Act so your company will not be fined $500/day for a late-filed report. 


Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt have formed 9,000+ Arizona LLCs because they provide great LLC formation services for less $ than document preparers and other lawyers.  See our 234 five star Google reviews and our 356 five star online reviews.  The Keyts want to form your new Arizona LLC or PLLC.

The table that lists the services we provide for each of our three LLC formation packages starts immediately after the FAQs.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes.  All LLCs and PLLCs we form must file a FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Treasury (“FinCEN“) within 90 days of their formation dates or the company can be fined $500 a day for a late report. A federal law called the Corporate Transparency Act which became effective on January 1, 2024, requires your new company to file a FinCEN BOI report that discloses information about its owners to FinCEN. For more about this law see our sister company’s FinCEN website.

Yes if you buy our Silver or Gold LLC formation package we will file your new company’s FinCEN BOI report.  Each of these packages includes the filing of a FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information report required by the Corporate Transparency Act so your company will not be fined $500/day for a late-filed report.  For more about this law see our sister company’s FinCEN website.  If you buy our Bronze LLC formation package it does not include filing a FinCEN BOI report.

You should hire us to form your Arizona LLC or PLLC because:

  • We are LLC attorneys who will answer your LLC questions for free before and after we form your company.  Contact Richard Keyt (father) at 480-664-7478 or book an office or phone consultation using his online calendar. Call Richard C. Keyt (son) at 480-664-7472 or go to his online calendar.
  • No need to come to our office.  We collect your info over the phone or in our online LLC formation questionnaire.
  • We will form your company and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day you approve your LLC formation questionnaire and pay the fee.
  • The day we form your company we will email its Articles of Organization filed with the ACC to you as a pdf attachment to the message.
  • We will get the company’s employer id number (EIN) from the IRS within one business day of you digitally signing the IRS form SS-4 we give you. Silver & Gold packages only.
  • We will prepare a custom Operating Agreement and cause DocuSign to send it by email to all the owners to be signed digitally.
  • If you are not happy with our service we will refund what you paid us minus the $85 ACC filing fee.

No. We are Arizona LLC attorneys who are happy to answer your questions. Call Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 or book an office or phone consultation using his online calendar or call his son former CPA and LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt at 480-664-7472 or go to his online calendar.

Your LLC will be born and can start doing business the same day you pay us and approve your LLC formation questionnaire.  We will file the Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission and email it to you on that day. You take this document to your bank to open the LLC’s bank account.

We will email to the contact person pdf files of their Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement the day we file the Articles with the Arizona Corporation Commission. If you purchase the Silver or Gold package we mail your LLC portfolio with hard copies of your documents to you the day after we file the Articles of Organization.

If you buy our Gold LLC package your name and address will not be on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission, the state agency that oversees Arizona LLCs and PLLCs.  Arizona LLC law requires the name and address of owners (aka members) be disclosed in the company’s Articles of Organization filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  If somebody searches the ACC’s website for your company they will see the name and address of all the members if your LLC is a member managed company or all members who own 20% or more if your LLC is a manager managed company.

Our Gold LLC package includes a revocable living trust that we draft for the owner.  Because the trust, not the person, owns the LLC,  the person’s name does not appear on the public records of the ACC.  The name of the trust shows as the member of the LLC.  If the trust is called the Camelback Trust then if somebody looks up the LLC on the ACC’s website all he or she will see is the LLC is owned by the Camelback Trust whose address is 24 W. Camelback Rd, #467, Phoenix, AZ 85013, which is our UPS store address.  Our Gold LLC package lets you form a confidential LLC that does not show your name or address on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

An additional very important benefit of the revocable living trust is that your trust agreement names the person or people you want to inherit the LLC and other assets you put in the trust if you die or if both you and your spouse die if you are married.  The trust can own any of your assets including your home, bank account, investment accounts, and other companies.  Assets owned by the trust pass automatically on death to the named heir(s) without the need for an expensive, time-consuming public Superior Court probate proceeding.

You are the trustee of the trust so you have total control of all trust assets.  You are also the current beneficiary of the trust.  The trust is revocable meaning it can be terminated or amended to make changes depending on changes in your life so the trust always does what you want it to do if you die. Because the trust is revocable it does not file a tax return or pay any taxes.  All trust income and deductions go on your personal tax return.

Read Why You Should Buy a Gold LLC with a Confidential Trust to learn the six reasons you should buy our Gold LLC package.

Yes.  We will draft a custom Operating Agreement for your company that Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt has been developing since 1992.  This important document is signed by all of the owners, aka members.  DocuSign will send all the members an email that has the Operating Agreement attached as a pdf file so they can review it and sign it digitally.  When all members have signed the Operating Agreement DocuSign will send an email to each member that has the fully signed Operating Agreement attached as a pdf file.

No. We always double check each proposed name with the Arizona Corporation Commission’s database. If a proposed name is not available we will let you know so you can select a name that will not be rejected by the Arizona Corporation Commission.

We will form your LLC or PLLC the same day you submit and approve our LLC Formation Questionnaire and pay the appropriate fee, but if this happens in the evening we will form the LLC the next morning.

Every company formed in Arizona must have a statutory agent (called a resident agent in other states) whose name and address is on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The purpose of the statutory agent is to give the public notice who can be served with legal documents if somebody wants to sue the company. We act as the statutory agent at no charge for the first year. You can change the statutory agent at any time or keep us after the first year if you pay our annual statutory agent fee of $99/year.

We get the EIN for purchasers of our Silver and Gold package for no additional fee and for Bronze package purchasers who pay an additional $75 for the service. You can also get the EIN for the LLC by going to the IRS’ online EIN application service. You need the EIN to open the LLC’s bank account.  To learn how to get the EIN yourself watch our video demonstration on our Youtube channel at https://youtu.be/K6IEM9eM7RE

If you are a married Arizona resident who forms an LLC Arizona law provides that you and your spouse will automatically own the LLC as community property even if your spouse is not named in the Articles of Organization or in the Operating Agreement. The only way a married resident of Arizona will own the LLC as separate property is to have the non-owner spouse sign a Disclaimer in which the non-owner spouse acknowledges that the LLC is the separate property of the owner spouse. For no additional fee we prepare a separate property Disclaimer for a married Arizona resident who wants to own his or her LLC as separate property.  The Disclaimer is found at the last page of the Operating Agreement.

Arizona LLC law requires that if a newly formed LLC’s or PLLC’s statutory agent has an address outside Maricopa or Pima County the company must publish a Notice of Publication for three consecutive publications in an Arizona Corporation Commission approved newspaper within 60 days of the date the Articles of Organization were filed. Because we are the statutory agent for all LLCs and PLLCs we form and our address is in Maricopa County none of the companies we form are required to publish a Notice of Publication in an ACC approved newspaper.

Arizona LLC law does not require Arizona LLCs or PLLCs to have an Operating Agreement, but Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son Richard C. Keyt who have formed 9,000+ recommend that the members of ALL Arizona companies sign an Operating Agreement that eliminates all of the 20 harms described in their article called “Protect Yourself: 20 Ways You Can Be Harmed if Your Arizona LLC Lacks a Well Written Operating Agreement.”

Contents of Our 3 LLC Formation Packages

See Everything You Get if You Form Your LLC Yourself

If you form an Arizona LLC yourself online the ONLY THING YOU GET is the one page Articles of Organization shown below.  Compare that single piece of paper with what you will get if you you hire us to form your Silver of Gold LLC by reading the list below that describes the many services we provide.  To hire us to form an Arizona LLC complete our online LLC formation questionnaire.

How to Hire Us to Form Your Arizona LLC

We’ve made it very easy to hire Richard Keyt (9,000+ LLCs formed) and KEYTLaw, LLC, to form your new Arizona LLC.  It’s a simple 5 – 10 minute process.  To hire us to form your new Bronze ($497), Silver ($897) or Gold ($1,397) LLC select one of the following options:

Option 1 – Telephone

Call one of the following KEYTLaw people and give us your LLC information over the phone:

  • Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt (father) – 480-664-7478
  • Arizona LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt (son) – 480-664-7472
  • Arizona LLC legal assistant Amanda Duran – 480-664-7846

Option 2 – Online

Complete our LLC Formation Questionnaire and click on the submit button at the end.  Our system will email the completed Questionnaire to the email address you specify in the Questionnaire so you can review the information to make sure everything is correct.

For People Who Want to Form an LLC Themselves

If you think you might want to create a do-it-yourself Arizona LLC you must read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “Arizona LLC Formation Online Checklist (10 Easy Steps).”  This article explains in detail how you can create an Arizona LLC online for $85 in 10 – 15 minutes.