by Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt who have formed 8,700+ Arizona LLCs because they provide great LLC formation services for less $ than document preparers and other lawyers.  Our clients love our Arizona LLC services.  See our 199 five star Google reviews and our 312 five star online reviews.

Same Day Filing & Approval

We will form your LLC and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission within 24 hours of when you submit and approve our LLC formation questionnaire and pay our fee.


Members Use DocuSign to Digitally Sign the Operating Agreement

We send all members an email with a link to access DocuSign’s digital eSignature system to digitally sign the Operating Agreement.  When everybody signs the Operating Agreement DocuSign will send all signers an email that has a pdf file that is the fully signed agreement.


guaranty-sealIf you hire us and are not happy we will refund your LLC formation fee less the filing fee.

Nobody, repeat nobody will give you as much as we will give you if you hire us to form a Silver or Gold LLC.  We urge you to take a couple of minutes and exam the list below to see the many benefits you will get if you hire us.

Compare the many services show below that you get when we form an Arizona LLC with what you get if you form an Arizona LLC yourself using the Arizona Corporation Commission’s online filing service.

How to Open & Close Each Service Shown Below in Blue Text

Each of the services listed below in blue text contains a detailed description of the service that you view by clicking on the blue text.  You can also close a toggle that is open by clicking on the blue text above the description.


What You Get If You Form Your LLC Online

If you form an Arizona LLC yourself online the ONLY THING YOU GET is the one page Articles of Organization shown below.  Compare that single piece of paper with what you will get if you you hire us to form your Silver of Gold LLC by reading the list below that describes the many services we provide.  To hire us to form an Arizona LLC complete our online LLC formation questionnaire.

A 3 Column Table that Shows Contents of Our Three LLC Packages

9 Services We Provide with Our $497 Bronze, $797 Silver & $1,297 Gold LLC Packages

Our Bronze LLC package for $497 can only be purchased by people who previously hired us to form an LLC or PLLC or by people who are currently buying more than one LLC.

Arizona LLC attorney Rick Keyt (the father) at 480-664-7478 & [email protected] and his son Arizona & California LLC attorney and former CPA Ricky Keyt at 480-664-7472 & [email protected] answer LLC & PLLC formation questions and operational questions free of charge.  Call or email if you have any questions.

Our Arizona LLC attorney will contact the Arizona Corporation Commission to confirm that your desired name is available.  If the name is not available he will contact you to get another name that is available.

We file the Articles of Organization for new LLCs and PLLCs and get them approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are paid and you approve the information in your LLC formation questionnaire.  If you hire us after 4 pm we will form your LLC or PLLC first thing the next morning.

Because your new company will be approved by the ACC immediately you can open a bank account and start doing business the same day the company is born unless it formed after your bank’s closing time.

We don’t know of anybody else who does same day filing and approval of new LLCs and PLLCs.

The day you approve the LLC formation questionnaire you submitted to us and pay our fee we will file your LLC’s Articles of Organization to the Arizona Corporation Commission and send the LLC’s contact person an email that contains a copy of the filed and approved Articles of Organization.  Give a copy of this document and the LLC’s federal employer ID number to your bank to open a bank account in the LLC’s name. FYI: Most banks will not open a bank account for the LLC until after the ACC approves the LLC’s Articles of Organization so if opening a bank account asap is important you need to hire us to form your LLC the day we are hired.

Every LLC and PLLC formed in Arizona must have a statutory agent whose name and address is stated in the company’s Articles of Organization filed with the Arizona Corporation Commission.  A statutory agent is a person over 17 or a company in Arizona that has a physical address in Arizona.  The purpose of the statutory agent is receive correspondence and documents for the company.

Our firm, KEYTLaw, LLC, is the company’s statutory agent for all the company’s we form unless the owner(s) want to appoint a different person or company.  Because we are the company’s statutory agent and our address is in Maricopa County, the company is not required to publish a Notice of Publication in an ACC approved newspaper.  Arizona’s new LLC law requires newly formed company’s whose statutory agent’s address in not in Maricopa County or Pima County to publish in a newspaper.

 We do not charge an additional amount to act as the company’s statutory agent for its first year.  After the first year we charge $99/year, but the company can replace us to avoid paying us the $99.

Arizona LLC law requires that the address of the company and all of its members and managers be stated in the company’s Articles of Organization.  These addresses are part of the public records of the company and can be viewed on the Arizona Corporation Commission’s website.

If you do not want your address to be included with the public records of your company you can purchase our address service for $100/year and all addresses in your company’s Articles of Organization on the ACC’s public records will be our address at 24 W. Camelback Rd, #467, Phoenix, AZ 85013.

If you purchase a Gold LLC our address service is included for the first year for no additional amount.

We urge you to read our article called “Why All Arizona LLCs Need an Operating Agreement.”  All Arizona LLCs need an Operating Agreement with language that eliminates the bad consequences that arise when the members do not have a well drafted Operating Agreement.  Every LLC and PLLC we form comes with a custom drafted Operating Agreement.  Our Operating Agreements eliminate the harmful provisions of Arizona’s LLC law.

Alert: Review the Table of Contents of our multi-member Operating Agreement shown below to see how comprehensive it is.  Few people who prepare Operating Agreements include a table of contents.  Nobody, lawyer or document preparer, can give you an Operating Agreement as comprehensive as ours.

P.S.  We have two different Operating Agreements, one for multi-member LLCs and a different Operating Agreement for single member and married couple LLCs.  Nobody else does this.

Alert: Review the Table of Contents of our single member / married couple Operating Agreement shown below to see how comprehensive it is.  Few people who prepare Operating Agreements include a table of contents.  Nobody, lawyer or document preparer, can give you an Operating Agreement as comprehensive as ours.

P.S.  We have two different Operating Agreements, one for multi-member LLCs and a different Operating Agreement for single member and married couple LLCs.  Nobody else does this.

We send each member an email message that contains a link that when clicked will take the member to DocuSign’s website where the member can digitally sign the Operating Agreement.  When all members have digitally signed the Operating Agreement DocuSign will send each member an email message that has an attached pdf file that is the fully signed Operating Agreement.

This a wonderful feature for multi-member LLCs especially with all the members are not located close to each other.  Digital signing makes it much more likely that all members will sign the Operating Agreement.

Warning for Married Arizona Residents Who Want to Own an LLC as Separate Property

Arizona is a community property state.  Married Arizona residents own property as either community property or separate property.  Community property means both spouses equally own the property and if they divorce each gets one half the value of the property.  Separate property belongs only to one spouse and if the couple divorces the non-owner spouse gets none of the value of the property.

Arizona law provides that if a married couple acquires property while married the property is automatically community property unless the property was acquired by inheritance of as a gift.

Legal Significance of Arizona CP/SP Law:  If you are a married Arizona resident who is forming or previously formed an LLC while married, your spouse automatically owns one half of your interest in the LLC as community property unless your spouse signs a disclaimer in which your spouse acknowledges that the LLC interest is owned entirely by you and is your separate property.

When we form an LLC was ask if people are married.  If the answer is yes we ask for the spouse’s name and if the LLC will be owned as separate property or community property.  If the answer is separate property we prepare a Disclaimer document for the non-owner spouse to sign.  If the answer is community property then we include both spouses as parties to the Operating Agreement and include language in the Operating Agreement that says the couple own the LLC as community property with right of survivorship.  When spouses own property as CPWROS then if one spouse dies the other spouse automatically inherits the interest of the deceased spouse without the need for an expensive and time-consuming probate.


6 Additional Services We Provide with Our $797 Silver & $1,297 Gold LLC Packages

The day we file the LLC’s or PLLC’s Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission we contact the IRS and use its online EIN wizard to get the company’s EIN.  The company needs the EIN to open its bank account.  Note: If the LLC does not have a member who has a U.S. social security number or international taxpayer identification number (ITIN) we cannot get the EIN.  The non-U.S. person will have to apply for an EIN for the LLC by submitting a hard copy IRS form SS-4 to the IRS.

Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son Richard C. Keyt wrote the Arizona LLC Operations Manual because in forming 8,700+ they learned years ago that new LLC owners have the same questions about operating their newly formed LLC or PLLC.  The Keyts realized they could save themselves a lot of time answering operational questions if they put all the answers to commonly asked questions in text in an online eBook..  Check out the Table of Contents to see the 70+ topics discussed in the Operations Manual.

One of the most popular chapters of the book is Chapter 3 because it contains a checklist of 34 post formation operational tasks that should be performed in the first 75 days after the LLC or PLLC is formed.

P.S.  The Keyts are always happy to answer LLC operational questions even though the answer may be in the Operations Manual.

All members become subscribers to our LLC Alert System that consists of 50 informational email messages that remind the members to accomplish important post formation tasks and that give the members important information about post formation operational issues such as the four ways and LLC can be taxed and how to elect to have the LLC or PLLC taxed as an S corporation.

The subjects of the emails are:

  1. List of LLC formation services Richard Keyt will provide
  2. How We Get an Employer ID Number (EIN) from the IRS for Your LLC
  3. Warning: Arizona Corporation Commission Problems & How the Problems Affect Your Company
  4. How to Open a Bank Account Before the Articles of Organization are Approved
  5. When Will the Arizona Corporation Commission Review Your LLC’s Articles of Organization?
  6. The Arizona Corporation Commission’s Formation Process
  7. More Information about Opening the LLC’s Bank Account
  8. How to Check the Status of Your LLC with the Arizona Corporation Commission
  9. How to Learn More about Operating Your LLC
  10. Checklist of 34 Post Formation Tasks in Chapter 3 of the LLC Operations Manual
  11. Arizona’s LLC Law Newspaper Publication Requirement
  12. How Do I Get Money into My LLC?
  13. Taxes: The Four Ways an LLC Can Be Taxed
  14. Taxes: S Corporation Election to Save Employment Taxes
  15. Taxes: How Internal Revenue Code Section 199A Allows You to Deduct 20% of Business Income
  16. Taxes: Top 40 2019 Federal Income Tax Saving Opportunities
  17. When Must You Amend Your LLC’s Articles of Organization?
  18. Your LLC May Need Arizona State & City Transaction Privilege Tax Licenses
  19. How to Document Loans to an LLC
  20. What is a Springing Member & How to Name a Springing Member
  21. How to Modify Your LLC’s Operating Agreement
  22. Importance of Setting Up Your LLC’s Bookkeeping System
  23. Commercial Real Estate Leases
  24. Warning: How to Convey Arizona Real Estate to Your LLC
  25. Why a Sole Member of an Arizona LLC Needs an Operating Agreement?
  26. Reminder: Have All Members Signed the Operating Agreement?
  27. Does Your LLC Need a Real Estate Lease?
  28. Have You Protected Your Most Valuable Assets?
  29. About Real Estate Contracts & Leases
  30. Warning: Owners of Arizona Residential Rental Real Estate Must Collect & Pay Rent Tax
  31. Ask a Tax Accountant Which of the 4 Tax Methods is Best for Your LLC
  32. Employment Agreements & Independent Contractor Agreements
  33. Find Out Who Will Inherit Your LLC if You Die
  34. How to Get a Trade Name aka DBA for an Arizona LLC
  35. Should Your LLC Elect to be Taxed as an S Corporation?
  36. Importance of Knowing & Following Arizona LLC Law
  37. Warning:  Don’t Commingle Your LLC’s Bank Account with Your Bank Account
  38. How to Register a Federal Trademark
  39. Importance of Documenting Actions Approved by Members & Managers
  40. How to Get a Certificate of Good Standing for an Arizona LLC
  41. Examples What LLC Signatures Look Like on Contracts
  42. When Must an LLC Change Its Address with the Arizona Corporation Commission?
  43. Does Arizona LLC Law Require My LLC to Hold Annual Meetings?
  44. Does Arizona LLC Law Require My Arizona LLC to File an Annual Report with the Arizona Corporation Commission?
  45. Warning: A Multi-member LLC’s Most Important Document
  46. Take the Do-It-Yourself LLC Legal Audit
  47. Warning: Arizona Employment Law for LLCs that Have an Employee
  48. Warning: Improper Signature on a Contract Can Make You Personally Liable
  49. How to Add or Remove a a Member of an Arizona LLC
  50. Warning: Workplace Employee Notice Posters Required by Arizona Law

The organizational resolutions of the member(s) authorizes the manager to open a bank account, sign the Operating Agreement on behalf of the company, set up the books, hire a bookkeeper or accountant and take other action related to the formation of the company.

In addition to us sending digital copies of the Articles of Organization, the Arizona Corporation Commission’s approval letter and the Operating Agreement we will mail you a high quality portfolio with all of the LLC’s documents organized behind tabs.

llc portfolio

You can take our do-it-yourself LLC audit that will tell you if there are post formation issues that you need to do, but have not yet done.  The audit consists of 83 questions, 32 tasks and 29 alerts that will tell you the legal health of your LLC.  Questions are asked or not asked depending on the answers given to earlier questions.

For example, the audit will ask if your LLC will own real estate.  If the answer is no then no additional real estate related questions will be asked.  If the answer is yes, the the audit will ask additional questions such as has the real estate been conveyed to the LLC by a deed and did you notify your insurance company that the owner of the real estate changed and is the LLC named as an insured on the insurance policy?

If your answer finds a problem then the audit will tell you what you must do to fix the problem.


5 Additional Services We Provide with Our $1,297 Gold LLC Package (the Confidential LLC)

The Confidential LLC

The reason people buy our Gold LLC is because they do not want their name or address to show on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission.  All Arizona LLCs must state the name(s) and address(es) of the owners/members in the LLC’s Articles of Organization filed with the ACC.  The owner/member of our Gold LLC is a confidential revocable living trust we create and the trust’s address in the Articles is 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 165, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  The trust agreement avoids probate because it designates who inherits the LLC and any other assets owned by the trust if the trust’s beneficiary or beneficiaries were to die.

We prepare a revocable living trust that will be the member/owner of the LLC.  The trustee and beneficiary of the trust is the person who would be the member if there were no trust.  When a married couple hires us and they want to own their interest in the company as community property then both spouses are trustees and beneficiaries.  Each trustee has total control of the LLC or the membership interest in the LLC if there are other members.

The Articles of Organization will state that the member and manager is the trust.  For example, if the name of the trust is the Camelback Mountain Trust, the Articles of Organization will state that the member and manager is the Camelback Mountain Trust and the trust’s address is c/o KEYTLaw, LLC, 7373 E. Doubletree Ranch Road, Suite 165, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.  This keeps the name and address of the person or people off the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission.

The Gold LLC comes with one revocable living trust.  If the LLC will have more than one member that wants confidentiality and wants a trust, we charge an additional $297 for each additional trust.

Benefits of the Revocable Living Trust

Here are the major benefits of the trust we create for you:

  • The trust is revocable, which means you can amend or terminate the trust at any time unless you are mentally incapacitated or deceased.
  • The trust agreement names who will inherit the LLC and all other assets owned by the trust if the sole beneficiary were to die or if both beneficiaries die when there are two beneficiaries.
  • The trust agreement can have alternative future beneficiaries in case a beneficiary were to die.  For example, the trust could say everything goes equally to my son and daughter, but if either dies before me or us then the share that would have gone to the deceased child will go to my brother Robert, but if he is deceased then to the Salvation Army.
  • The trust can own other assets in addition to the LLC.  It can own anything.  The advantage of having the trust own other assets is that you can insure that all the assets owned by the trust will pass on the death of the beneficiary or both beneficiaries to the heirs that you name in the trust agreement.
  • On the death of a sole beneficiary or the death of the surviving beneficiary if a married couple are both beneficiaries all assets owned by the trust pass to the designated future beneficiary or beneficiaries automatically with the need for an expensive, time consuming and public superior court probate proceeding.
  • You can name a first successor trustee or co-trustees and an alternate second successor trustee or co-trustees to take control of trust assets if you were to die or become mentally incapacitated or if both you and your spouse were to become mentally incapacitated or die.
  • If your future beneficiaries are minors your successor trustee or co-trustees could manage the assets in the trust until the children become adults.

We also give you a Certification of Trust in addition to the trust agreement.  This is document that certifies that the trust exists and is proves that the trustee has the legal authority under the trust agreement to act. It’s is shorter than the trust agreement and contains pertinent information about the trust without disclosing everything in the trust agreement.

The Certification of Trust gives the trustee the ability to provide third parties such as banks, title insurance companies, escrow officers and other third parties important information about the trust such as the date it was created, the trust’s legal name, the name(s) of the trustee(s) and other information institutions may require before allowing a trustee to act.

We give you a five page letter that explains how to operate your trust and what you need to know about it such as how to transfer ownership of assets to the trust.

Arizona LLC law requires that the company’s Articles of Organization that is a public document state:

  1. the company’s principal address, and
  2. the name and address of all members and managers.

When we form a Gold LLC the address for the company, its member and manager is our address at 24 W. Camelback Rd, #467, Phoenix, AZ 85013.

People who purchase our Gold LLC package get a $500 discount off the price of our estate plan, which is normally $2,997 for a single person or $3,497 for a married or unmarried couple.  We are also estate planning attorneys who prepare Wills, Trusts and estate planning documents to protect your loved ones in the event of your death.

To learn more about what is included in our estate plan package read “Arizona Estate Plan Contents.”  Get our free eBook called Family Asset Protection.”  This book contains:

  • Bad estate planning examples of the rich and famous.
  • The ultimate estate planning nightmare.
  • Learn who inherits your property if you are an Arizona resident who dies without a Will or Trust.
  • #1 reason to have a Trust: to provide life-time asset protection for a spouse, children and loved ones.
  • Wills and trusts explained.
  • Illustrations show how Trust assets are allocated after death of first spouse then the second spouse.

How to Hire Us to Form Your Arizona LLC

We’ve made it very easy to hire Richard Keyt (8,700+ LLCs formed) and KEYTLaw, LLC, to form your new Arizona LLC.  It’s a simple 5 – 10 minute process.  To hire Richard Keyt to form your new Bronze ($497), Silver ($797) or Gold ($1,297) LLC select one of the following two options:

Option 1 – Telephone

Call any of the following KEYTLaw people and give your LLC and credit card information over the phone:

Option 2 – Online

Complete our LLC Formation Questionnaire and click on the submit button at the end.  Our system will email the completed Questionnaire to the email address you specify in the Questionnaire so you can review the information to make sure everything is correct.

For People Who Want to Form an LLC Themselves

If you think you might want to create a do-it-yourself Arizona LLC you must read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “Arizona LLC Formation Online Checklist (10 Easy Steps).”  This article explains in detail how you can create an Arizona LLC online for $85 in 10 – 15 minutes.