Warning:  Most LLCs Must File a FinCEN Report or be Fined $500/Day

A federal law called the Corporate Transparency Act effective January 1, 2024, requires almost all U.S. companies to file a FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information report with the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network of the U.S. Treasury (“FinCEN“) or the company can be fined $500 a day for a late report.  Companies formed before 2024 must file no later than December 31, 2024.  Companies formed in 2024 must file within 90 days of their formation date.

The Keyts own a company called FinCEN Filer, LLC, that files FinCEN BOI reports.  To learn more about the Corporate Transparency Act read How to Avoid the $500/Day Fine and articles and blog posts on FinCEN Filer’s website. Watch these FinCEN Filer videos: 1. What Info Must be Reported, 2. Definition of Beneficial Owner, 3. What Beneficial Owner Information is in a FinCEN BOI Report, 4. Alert: Legal Consequences of Filing a False FinCEN Report, and 5. Our FinCEN BOI Report Services.

We File FinCEN BOI Reports for Silver & Gold LLCs

If you buy our Silver or Gold LLC formation package our service includes us filing the company’s FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information report so your commpany won’t be fined $500 a day for each day the report is overdue. We’ll get your new Arizona LLC or PLLC approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission in less than 24 hours.  You can open the company’s bank account and start doing business immediately.  Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt have formed 9,000+ Arizona LLCs & PLLCs.  The Keyts have 234 five star Google reviews and a total of 356 five star online reviews.

We have three formation packages and prices: Bronze $497, Silver $897 (our most popular LLC) & Gold $1,397 that includes a revocable living trust.  The Gold LLC is our confidential LLC for people who don’t want their name or address on the public record.  The trust provides who will inherit the LLC without the need for an expensive probate if you die.  The trust can own any of your assets.

Call or Text LLC Attorneys Richard Keyt or Richard C. Keyt if You Have LLC Questions or Want to Form an LLC

The Keyts are happy to answer questions about forming and operating Arizona LLCs for free. Text, call or schedule a call or office meeting with:


5 Star Client Reviews

The Keyts have 234 five star Google reviews and a total of 356 five star online reviews.

ExcellentKEYTLaw, LLC5.0 Based on 236 reviews fromSee all reviewsMatt P.Matt P. ★★★★★ Seemingly too good to be true but KEYTLaw delivers as advertised - exceptional service and highly recommended. I can't imagine a more simple, efficient, and professional way to set up an LLC in full compliance. I was up and running in a day, got live phone support on my questions, and have continued to get benefit from all the guidance and content available to those who engage Keyt for this service. Fanatastic.Carlene C.Carlene C. ★★★★★ Fabulous!!! Knowledgeable, fast and easy to work with!Luc M.Luc M. ★★★★★ I want to thank the Keyt Law team for all their help over the years. They do a great job and I appreciate their customer service. THANK YOUGreg G.Greg G. ★★★★★ Talk about service! I was unable to located my LLC "Operating Agreement" that Keytlaw formed in 2007. Called Rick and literally within a minute Rick was emailing me the agreement. Thank you Rick, y'all are the best!!john D.john D. ★★★★★ I was highly impressed by all aspects of Keyt Law in forming my LLC. Professional, very timely, and an overall excellent experience!! I will certainly do more business with them in the future. Highly recommend!!Michael B.Michael B. ★★★★★ The process was quick and easy. What I don't like are emails being sent in which they are not applicable to my company and are not required or needed.Gaming with C.Gaming with C. ★★★★★ KEYTLaw is truly outstanding, and exceeded our expectations with their stellar estate planning expertise and impeccable LLC services. We're immensely grateful for their exceptional work, feeling assured that their prowess truly defines the pinnacle of legal excellence."Cheng S.Cheng S. ★★★★★ Very prompt and professional. I was even able to schedule a FREE 30 minute consultation prior to hiring them! Highly recommended!Neel P.Neel P. ★★★★★ Richard and his team are very experienced and knowledgeable in forming Trust and LLCs. They helped us to come up with an LLC structure that provides the protection we need for our investment properties. I was able to discuss with Richard and had all my questions answered within days of contacting the team. Besides the scheduled meetings, Richard also responded to calls and emails promptly to help us to make decisions quickly. I highly recommend Richard KeytLaw if you need help with LLCs, Trust, or any business formation.Mei-Lin H.Mei-Lin H. ★★★★★ Richard and his team is very experienced and knowledgeable in helping us to form LLCs. They helped us to come up with a LLC structure that provides the protection we need for our investment properties. We were able to discuss with Richard and had all our questions answered within days from contacting the team. Besides the scheduled meetings, Richard also responded emails promptly to help us to make decisions quickly. We really recommend Richard KeytLaw if you need help with LLCs.My husband and I have been researching the LLC laws and law firms for asset protection for a while. We had discussions with a few online companies including a nationally well-known company before making decision to go with KeytLaw. Some of them recommended overly complex LLC structures with a huge setting cost and on-going maintenance fee. We eventually decided to go with KeytLaw because of Richard's experiences and knowledge about Arizona Law, their accessibility, and their fee structure. We are very happy with the decision to go with Richard and plan to use their service for estate planning in the future.Alyson L.Alyson L. ★★★★★ I would recommend KeytLaw for any legal services they need! They helped me form my LLC and it was very straightforward and quick I called and talked to both Richard and his son in regards to some questions that came up and they were very helpful. I will be returning for their help in the near future for my estate planning.Alex R.Alex R. ★★★★★ Richard is phenomenal. Top class serviceKT B.KT B. ★★★★★ Very informative, professional and thorough. Very satisfied with my services and 💯 recommend!Ricky GRicky G ★★★★★ The team at KEYT Law was awesome in helping me set up my business. The paperwork processing was a breeze, and they answered all the questions we had, KEYT Law is the best in the business in Arizona for your business set up needs.Laura G.Laura G. ★★★★★ The Keyts make it so painless to take care of your estate planning needs. With one reasonable flat fee for a package of documents you are all set.Mike GMike G ★★★★★ When a business has 5 stars on Google, do not hesitate. There is a reason. Amanda and Michelle are an absolute pleasure to work with and they work so quickly. My business is reality now thanks to this team.Mozette “Ms. Mo” H.Mozette “Ms. Mo” H. ★★★★★ Extremely knowledgeable, friendly and professional, easy process and fast and easy answers to my followup questions. I highly recommend KEYTLaw for your LLC formation.Tom M.Tom M. ★★★★★ I have multiple LLCs and by far thr Keyr team is the absolute best!Kenny K.Kenny K. ★★★★★ The process of setting up an LLC was fast, easy, and professional. They answered all my questions quickly and provided excellent advice and perspective.Tabatha W.Tabatha W. ★★★★★ Richard has done multiple llcs for us and his office is professional and efficient.Helen P.Helen P. ★★★★★ KEYTLaw, LLC made my LLC, Trust, Estate Planning, and custom contracts easy. I highly recommend them to any small business, especially medical practices.Rudy I.Rudy I. ★★★★★ Helped me get what I needed to start my business. Thanksjames E.james E. ★★★★★ Forming a new LLC could not be any easier! KEYTLaw is very quick and efficient. Will definitely use them again!Carly WCarly W ★★★★★ I’m a new entrepreneur and recently started my first business, so I decided to open an LLC. Keyt Law had great online reviews, so I called them and am very happy I did! He answered all my questions over the phone and was very knowledgeable and friendly. I purchased their Gold Package, which included setting up a Trust to “own” the LLC as an added measure of security (I really like that my personal info won’t be public record). My LLC was established the same day, and I got my EIN the next day. Everything was done by phone, e-mail, and Docusign, which was convenient because I didn’t have to take time off work to go into the office. I even got a beautiful, professional portfolio mailed to me with all of my documents arranged behind organized tabs (which, as a brand new business owner, I was very excited to receive…not only is it great to have all my docs in one place, but also the portfolio itself looks really nice and makes me feel “official”)! Once you open your LLC they send out emails almost daily to remind you of things that need to be done for your new business, and to offer lots of other helpful information. This info is vital to new, inexperienced business owners like myself. There was 1 small issue with my trust, but it was resolved quickly. The price of the Gold package is very reasonable considering everything you get. If you’re looking to open an LLC in AZ I highly recommend Keyt Law!Rob A.Rob A. ★★★★★ Reached out to Keyt Law after floundering with setting up my LLC and I will never second guess what a great investment it was. The team was extremely helpful and responded quickly to all my questions. Our business was guided professionally through the LLC creation process. We have a foreign component and Keyt Law’s alert system saved us a potential IRS fine of 25,000$ if we had not filed a required form. Sincere thanks from all of us at our new business for setting us up on a solid footing.Willie N.Willie N. ★★★★★ Great service- quick and thorough!MARK I.MARK I. ★★★★★ What an easy and fast way of starting a LLC. It only took a short time to fill out the survey will all my information. Within 3 days my LLC was ready. Also, I get informative emails to keep me up to date in making sure there are no legal issues with my LLC. Overall, fantastic!deanna M.deanna M. ★★★★★ Happy with Keytlaw service. I recommend them.Storm M.Storm M. ★★★★★ Good service and very thorough, price point seems about right and point person on first call was knowledgeable.Joseph V.Joseph V. ★★★★★ Very informative, easy to work with, always available to answer questions, definitely will recommendMcKenzie L.McKenzie L. ★★★★★ Richard was quick and efficient. He was readily available and answered messages quickly. I felt like he cared and was invested in us as in individual. Would highly suggest reaching out to him and his team.Mitch W.Mitch W. ★★★★★ Great service and provided excellent guidance on how to structure membership/management of my LLC. All documents were provided in a very professional binder for ease of access and reference. Very happy with the service and will use again, highly recommended!cbalszcbalsz ★★★★★ The Keyt firm made me confident I had everything covered as we launched my LLC. Their followup emails have kept me informed about operating my company. Their binder is professional and impressive to third parties who might question a startup newbie, but they can see I have the best legal advice.Jonathan R.Jonathan R. ★★★★★ Very efficient and professional!Erica A.Erica A. ★★★★★ Simple, seamless! Business was ready in 1 day!Mike M.Mike M. ★★★★★ I have been using Keytlaw since 2009 when I opened my first business in Arizona. They are always quick to respond and very helpful navigating the set up of a new business.Yvonne B.Yvonne B. ★★★★★ KeytLaw set up my IRA LLC for me. The process was smooth and efficient. And Me. Keyt and Amanda were very nice and personable.Trevor K.Trevor K. ★★★★★ Very helpful, quick response times. Overall very satisfied.Cathy K.Cathy K. ★★★★★ They made setting up my LLC very easy and efficientHector L.Hector L. ★★★★★ Would recommend using Richard and his team. Made everything super easy and we are looking forward to using all of their services. Also recommend visiting there website sense it full of helpful information.HE G.HE G. ★★★★★ Richard's team is awesome, very knowledgeable and responsive.Bruce K.Bruce K. ★★★★★ Richard took care of me right away, communicated well initially and that communication continues to this day. My LLC is up and running in less than a month.Uriah W.Uriah W. ★★★★★ They have made the process setting up our PLLC accounts very simple and stress free i would highly recommend using KeytLaw for any of your needs!Kelsey B.Kelsey B. ★★★★★ Super, super responsive. Easy set up. Clear instructions via email and was willing to hop on quick calls with me to answer questions. Wish every partner was this easy to work with to set things up!Jimmy R.Jimmy R. ★★★★★ Super fast reliable, right on pointKaren A.Karen A. ★★★★★ I am in Real Estate and I sent over 100 clients a few years ago and he has been excellent! You want him on your side.Andrew W.Andrew W. ★★★★★ I have used KEYTLaw several times to launch businesses in Arizona. They are professional and well versed in the ins-outs of getting setup quickly and correctly. I would absolutely recommend them to others looking to start their first business.Chas D.Chas D. ★★★★★ Richard made the process so simple and the turnaround time was fantastic. Richard answered my calls directly and thoroughly answered the questions I had.Great customer service and I will be contacting him in the near future for my Trust needs.js_loader

We’ll Form Your Arizona LLC & Get It Approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission Today

Our LLCs are approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are hired and paid so your LLC can open a bank account and start doing business immediately.  No need to meet or come to our office.  It’s all done online after we answer any questions you have in a phone call to Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 or his son Arizona LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt at 480-664-7472.

Free DocuSign Digital Signing of Your LLC’s Operating Agreement

When we form an Arizona LLC or PLLC we send an email to all the members asking them to digitally sign their company’s Operating Agreement using DocuSign’s secure eSignature system.  When everybody has signed, DocuSign sends each member an email message that has a pdf file attached that is the Operating Agreement signed by all of the members.

All Our LLC Services Can Be Purchased Online

Hire us for the following legal services by submitting an online questionnaire to:

Call or Text LLC Attorneys Richard Keyt or Richard C. Keyt if You Have LLC Questions or Want to Form an LLC

The Keyts are happy to answer questions about forming and operating Arizona LLCs for free. Text, call or schedule a call or office meeting with:


Hire Us to Form an Arizona LLC

We are Arizona LLC attorneys who have created 9,000+ LLCs because people love our comprehensive services and low prices, which is why we have 234 five star Google reviews and a total of 356 five star online reviews.  We offer the $497 Bronze package (the bare bones), the $897 Silver package (our most popular package) and the $1,397 Gold package (for people who don’t want their name and address on the public record).  To hire us submit our online LLC Formation Questionnaire and pay online.  See the list of the 9 Bronze LLC services, the 15 Silver LLC services & the 20 Gold LLC services we provide.

Why You Should Buy a Gold LLC

Our Gold LLC package (aka the confidential LLC) is our Silver LLC package with a revocable living trust we create that owns the LLC.  Because the trust owns the LLC your name and address is not on the public records of the Arizona Corporation Commission. Read Why You Should Buy a Gold LLC with a Confidential Trust to learn the six reasons you should buy our Gold LLC package for $1,397.  The trust can own any or all of your assets that will pass automatically on your death to the person or people you name in the trust agreement without an expensive superior court probate.

20 Ways You Can Be Harmed if Your AZ LLC lacks a Well Written Operating Agreement

Arizona law does not require Arizona LLCs or PLLCs to have an Operating Agreement, but there are 20 ways you can be harmed if your Arizona LLC lacks a well written Operating Agreement.  If you have an Arizona LLC or if you are thinking of forming an AZ LLC we urge you to read our article called “Protect Yourself: 20 Ways You Can Be Harmed if Your Arizona LLC Lacks a Well Written Operating Agreement.”  Our Arizona LLC Operating Agreements eliminate all of the 20 harms.

Hire Us to Form Your New LLC

Why You Should Hire the Keyts to Form Your Arizona LLC

Cheaper than LegalZoom & Same Day Filing & Approval
  • We file your FinCEN Beneficial Owner Information report if you buy our Silver or Gold LLC formation package so your company will avoid the $500 a day late report filing fine.
  • People Love Our Low Cost LLC Formation Service:  We have 356 five star reviews on Google & Birdeye
  • Same Day Filing & ACC Approval: We will file your company’s Articles of Organization and get it approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are hired and paid and you approve your LLC formation questionnaire.
  • Members Digitally Sign the Operating Agreement:  All members digitally sign the LLC’s Operating Agreement via DocuSign’s eSignature secure system.  When all members have signed DocuSign sends each member a pdf file of the fully signed Operating Agreement.
  • Low Prices:  We form LLCs for $497, $897 (our most popular LLC) & $1,397 (the confidential LLC for people who don’t want their name or address on the public record).  See the contents of our three LLC packages.
  • LLC Attorney Phone Help: Richard Keyt will answer your LLC questions for free at 480-664-7478.
  • Corporate Transparency Act Compliant Operating Agreement (nobody else will give this information to you):  Your Operating Agreement will explain this federal law and its requirement that your company must report information about its beneficial owners to the U.S. Treasury’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCen) or be fined $500/day.
  • Peace of Mind: Your LLC will be formed by experienced Arizona LLC attorneys who have formed 9,000+ Arizona LLCs.
  • IRS Employer ID Number: We get the LLC’s employer ID number (EIN) from the IRS (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Arizona LLC Operations Manual: This 170 page e-book contains the answers to the LLC operational questions people frequently ask us after we form their LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Post Formation Checklist: This checklist describes 31 important tasks that must be performed in first 75 days after forming an LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Unique Arizona LLC Alert System: We send the members 49 informational email messages that remind them to accomplish important post-formation tasks (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • Do-it-yourself LLC Legal Audit: 83 questions, 32 tasks and 29 alerts that will tell you the legal health of your LLC (Silver & Gold LLCs).
  • PDF Copies of LLC Documents: We email digital pdf copies of the Articles of Organization & the Operating Agreement to the members.
  • All Your Documents in a Portfolio:  We send you a high quality portfolio with all of your LLC documents organized behind tabs (Silver & Gold LLCs).
Hire Us to Form Your New LLC