This website helps people form Arizona LLCs and PLLCs.  Arizona LLC attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt have formed 7,400+ Arizona LLCs. They have 147 five star Google reviews and a total of 229 five star online reviews because people love their comprehensive low-priced LLC formation services.

We Can Form Your Arizona LLC & Get It Approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission Today

Our LLCs are approved by the Arizona Corporation Commission the same day we are hired and paid so your LLC can open a bank account and start doing business immediately.  No need to meet or come to our office.  It’s all done online after we answer any questions you have in a phone call to Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 or his son Arizona LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt at 480-664-7472.

Free DocuSign Digital Signing of Your LLC’s Operating Agreement

When we form a multi-member Arizona LLC other than a husband and wife owned LLC all the members sign the Operating Agreement digitally using DocuSign’s secure eSignature system.

All Our LLC Services Can Be Purchased Online

Hire us for the following legal services by submitting an online questionnaire to:

How to Schedule a Date & Time for a Phone Call with Richard Keyt or Richard C. Keyt

The Keyts are happy to answer questions about forming and operating Arizona LLCs for free.

All Arizona LLCs Need an Operating Agreement Drafted for Arizona’s New LLC Law

Warning for ALL Arizona LLC Owners:  All Arizona LLCs regardless of when they were created are subject to Arizona’s new LLC law that became effective on September 1, 2020.  If you have an Arizona LLC or PLLC it needs an Operating Agreement written for the new law that eliminates its nasty litigation causing provisions.  To learn the 19 ways the Arizona’s new LLC law harms people who own Arizona LLCs read Why All Arizona LLCs Need a New LLC Law Compliant Operating Agreement.  We call the new LLC law the liability company act because it creates new ways members can be sued that did not exist under Arizona’s prior LLC law.  To hire the Keyts to prepare a new LLC law compliant Operating Agreement submit our Operating Agreement Questionnaire.

Hire Us to Form an Arizona LLC

We are Arizona LLC attorneys who have created 7,400+ LLCs because people love what we give them and our low prices.  We offer the $397 Bronze package (the bare bones), the $597 Silver package (our most popular package) and the $997 Gold package (for people who don’t want their name and address on the public record).  To hire us complete and submit our online LLC Formation Questionnaire and pay online with your major credit card.

Contents of Our LLC Packages

Nobody will give you as much LLC information or provide as many LLC formation services as us.  The reason we have 147 five star Google reviews and a total of 229 five star online reviews is because people love the LLC formation services we give them.  See our detailed list of the 10 Bronze LLC services, the 16 Silver LLC services & the 19 Gold LLC services we provide when people buy an LLC.

Buy a Custom Operating Agreement

All of the LLCs and PLLCs we form get a new Arizona LLC law compliant Operating Agreement.  Warning for ALL Arizona LLC Owners: Members of all Arizona LLCs must read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called Why All Arizona LLCs Need a New LLC Law Compliant Operating Agreement to learn about the 19 ways the new law can harm members and how Richard Keyt’s Operating Agreement eliminates the problems.

Members of all existing Arizona LLCs and PLLCs should hire us to draft a custom state of the art new Arizona law compliant Operating Agreement for their company.  We charge $297 for an Operating Agreement for a single member LLC or an LLC owned by a married couple and $497 for an Operating Agreement for a multi-member LLC .  To hire us to draft a custom Operating Agreement submit our online Operating Agreement Questionnaire.

Our Attorneys’ LLC Qualifications

Arizona limited liability company and business law attorneys Richard Keyt and his son former CPA Richard C. Keyt are highly qualified to form Arizona LLCs & PLLCs.  The Keyt’s LLC knowledge, experience & qualifications show why you should hire them to form your Arizona LLC instead of doing it yourself or paying somebody else who lacks the Keyt’s LLC expertise and won’t provide as many services.  Don’t hire a document preparer or an attorney who hasn’t formed at least 1,000 Arizona LLCs because you won’t get the high quality service the Keyts give every LLC client.  Satisfaction guaranteed!

LLC Testimonials

In forming 7,400+ Arizona LLCs we have had thousands of happy clients. Last year we started asking clients for testimonials.  Read some of our 147 five star Google reviews and our 229 five star online reviews

Editor’s Note: We have formed 29 LLCs for Mark. “As a California attorney, I have used Richard Keyt’s LLC formation services for many of my clients as well as myself over the past 7 years. Richard and his staff do an excellent job of creating high quality documentation in a very efficient manner. I have always been quite satisfied with each time that I have used Richard Keyt to form an Arizona LLC. I would strongly recommend his LLC formation services to others as well.”

Mark G. Lerner, Lerner & McDonald

I’ve been a practicing California attorney for 27 years. The service has been nothing short of fantastic. Keyt’s ability to deliver this great service for such a nominal fee including all costs is a testament to his dedication as a legal professional. Even for an attorney, the use of Keyt’s service has more than paid for itself in time saved and convenience.

Brian Campbell, Family Motor Company, LLC

After an extensive research of on-line providers of LLC formation services, it was clear that KEYTLaw, LLC stood above the rest. In each case with other on-line service providers, you were faced with completing some of the formation tasks on your own. In addition, as you proceeded through their process you would find additional charges to perform the tasks already included in KEYTLaw, LLC services. The services were executed as advertised and I was impressed with the speed that my company was formed and listed on the Arizona Corporate Commission web site. The Arizona LLC Operations Manual is a great resource that you won’t find elsewhere.

Tom Carpenter, Technology Assets Service, LLC

Quality. There is no other word that can accurately describe the level of performance that was performed by KEYTLaw, L.L.C. for me in forming my new Company. Hiring KEYTLaw, L.L.C. was the best decision I could have made in my new venture. I highly recommend KEYTLaw to anyone who demands a trouble free start up.

Patrick J. Novotny, West Valley Nitrogen, L.L.C.

I am so happy I chose KEYTLaw to form my LLC! They know their stuff and are super helpful anytime I have an LLC question (not to mention they don’t charge to answer those questions over the phone). It was a good feeling knowing everything was formed correctly since they are attorneys and LLC experts. I love their family friendly office b/c it’s nice speaking to the same people every time you call (Richard and his son Ricky). They are very efficient; took only one quick call to Ricky to get my LLC formation going. They are very organized too. My package came with an LLC portfolio (beautiful red binder) with all of my LLC documents behind tabs including the custom attorney drafted Articles of Organization and a custom Operating Agreement. As a new LLC owner, one of the many other things I truly appreciate about KEYTLaw are the post formation email alerts they send me consisting of informational messages and reminders for LLCs. They have referrals handy for other professionals too i.e. bookkeepers, CPAs, and financial planners. I would highly recommend them to anyone for your LLC and business needs!

Teresa J., LLC client

I learned about KEYTLaw from their YouTube videos. After watching the video “Forming Arizona LLCs”, I decided to look up the law firm from the link in the description. I was surprised when I called the number and Richard Keyt answered the phone himself. He answered all my questions and I decided to pick one of the packages and have the firm become my Statutory Agent.

Julie S., LLC Client

I contacted KEYTLaw, LLC Via E-Mail. Richard replied within a few minutes with information and questions about what I needed. (Other Law Firms I contacted Via Email failed to reply and if they did, it was a one line email with no information or questions).  The next day Richard called directly and explained what he could do at packaged rates. Any Questions I had, I called Richard directly and he answered his phone.
KEYTLaw formed 2 LLC’s for me and got the ball rolling same day! My LLC was filed the next day and officially formed.  I strongly suggest Anyone looking to form an LLC or 2 to contact KEYTLaw, LLC (call/email). Richard and his team will answer all or any questions even before p
ayment. I had a great experience and would use KEYTLaw, LLC again in the future.

Aaron V., LLC Client