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Have Questions? Of course you do. Here’s a quick Q & A.

Do you charge to answer questions about forming or operating LLCs?

No. We are Arizona LLC attorneys who are happy to answer your questions. Call Richard Keyt at 480-664-7478 or his son former CPA and LLC attorney Richard C. Keyt at 480-664-7472.

When can my LLC start engaging in business and open a bank account?

Your LLC will be born and can start doing business on the day we file the Articles of Organization with the Arizona Corporation Commission or the day after we file.  We will email the Articles of Organization to you with the ACC’s received stamp. You can take this document to your bank and open a bank account.

When will I get my LLC documents?

On the day we file the Articles of Organization we will email that document to you. That day or the next day we mail Silver and Gold purchasers all of their LLC documents in an LLC portfolio.

How will I get my LLC documents?

We will email to the contact person pdf files of their Articles of Organization and Operating Agreement the day we file the Articles with the Arizona Corporation Commission. If you purchase the Silver or Gold package we mail your LLC portfolio with hard copies of your documents to you the day after we file the Articles of Organization.

How does newspaper publication work?

Arizona LLC law requires that if a new LLC statutory agent has an address outside Maricopa or Pima County the LLC must publish a Notice of Publication for three consecutive publications in an Arizona Corporation Commission approved newspaper within 60 days of the date the Articles of Organization were filed. Because we are the statutory agent for all LLCs we form and our address is in Maricopa County publication is not necessary.

What is a Confidential Trust and why would I want one?

The purpose of the Confidential Trust is to keep your name and address off of the Arizona Corporation Commission’s public records so when somebody looks for information about your LLC they will not know you are associated with the company. Arizona LLC law requires that Articles of Organization state the name and address of all: (i) members of a member managed LLC, and (ii) managers and members who own 20% or more of a manager managed LLC. If you want to keep your name off the ACC’s records then you need to purchase our Confidential Trust for $497, which will be the member. If your trust is called the Laguna Beach Trust then that is the member named in the AOO, not you. If you hire us to prepare a Confidential Trust the LLC’s place of business and the Trust’s address in the AOO will be our address so your address will not be disclosed on the public records of the ACC. Our address service is free the first year, but $100/year thereafter. You can change the address at any time to avoid paying the fee. One Confidential Trust is included in the Gold package.

Will the Arizona Corporation Commission reject the name of my LLC?

No. We always double check each proposed name with the ACC’s database. If there is a problem we will let you know and ask you to select a name that will not be rejected.

When will you form my LLC?

We will form your LLC or PLLC the same day you submit our LLC Formation Questionnaire and pay the appropriate fee, but if this happens in the evening we will form the LLC the next morning.

What is a statutory agent and what does it do?

Every company formed in Arizona must have a statutory agent whose name and address is on file with the Arizona Corporation Commission. The purpose of the statutory agent is to give the public notice who can be served with legal documents if somebody wants to sue the company. We act as the statutory agent at no charge for the first year. You can change the statutory agent at any time or keep us after the first year if you pay our annual statutory agent fee of $99/year.

How do I get a federal employer ID number (EIN) for my LLC?

We get the EIN for purchasers of our Silver and Gold package and for Bronze package purchasers who pay an additional $75 for the service. You can also get the EIN for the LLC by going to the IRS’ online EIN application service. You need the EIN to open the LLC’s bank account.

I’m a married Arizona resident who wants to own my LLC as separate property. How can I do that?

If you are a married Arizona resident who forms an LLC Arizona law provides that you and your spouse will automatically own the LLC as community property even if your spouse is not named in the Articles of Organization or Operating Agreement. The only way to own the LLC as separate property is to have the non-owner spouse sign a Disclaimer in which the non-owner spouse acknowledges that the LLC is the separate property of the owner spouse. We prepare the separate property Disclaimer for married Arizona residents who want to own their LLC as separate property.

What is a Transfer of Membership Interest Testament and why would I want one?

Only people who are going to die need a Transfer of Membership Interest Testament. It is a document in which the owner of an Arizona LLC names one or more people who inherit the owner’s membership interest on his or her death. The owner who signs a TMIT is protecting his or her loved ones by making sure the desired heirs automatically inherit the LLC without the need for a probate. Without a TMIT the owner’s membership interest passes pursuant to his or her Will, but if there is no Will then the heirs will be the heirs determined by the law of intestate succession of the state in which the owner was a resident at the time of death. To learn more about this important topic read my article called “Who Inherits Assets of an Arizona Resident Who Dies without a Will?The lack of this document could cost your family several thousand dollars to do a probate to legally transfer ownership of the LLC to the lawful heirs. We charge $247 to prepare this document, but it is included as part of the Gold package.

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If you think you might want to create a do-it-yourself Arizona LLC you must read Arizona LLC attorney Richard Keyt’s article called “Arizona LLC Formation Online Checklist (10 Easy Steps).”